We view the psychedelic journey as having three components:

1. Preparation. 

We can help you plan to get the most from your experience with various psychedelics, such as San Pedro, kambo frog medicine, psilocybin, ayahuasca, and less natural psychedelics such as ketamine and MDMA, by answering your questions and discussing things like:

  • setting intent and intentions
  • finding a safe environment to work in
  • what to bring to a ceremony
  • reason to and not to work with psychedelics
  • a variety of other topics that may be relevant to your journey

2. Skills and techniques to enhance your experience with psychedelics.

We teach techniques on how to stay calm and let go during a session, how to work through fear and anxiety, the different types of awareness people have during a psychedelic session, various forms of healing that happen with various medicines, how to work with things like ego death and challenging aspects of psychedelic work, techniques to work on self-talk, to name a few.

3. The integration process.

How to maximize your healing and learning process post-psychedelic experience and work through any challenges and questions you may have. One of the cornerstones of our integration services is that we do not pathologize people and you can count on this in our integration work.

All of the above may be covered in any of the coaching services we offer.

<span style="color: #bbad89;">Artwork by Ash Tom Zurowski</span>