Roan Kaufman, Ed.D.

Founder of Ayavolve Institute for Psychedelic Integration

Dr. Kaufman has joyfully been involved in plant medicine integration for the past 20 years as an educator, counselor, researcher, and participant.

Dr. Roan Kaufman brings rigor, passion, and humor to his work with individuals and as a group facilitator. Dr. Kaufman has assisted thousands of people in understanding and integrating their healing journeys, overcoming obstacles, and finding their authentic voice and unique path. His work continues to focus on personal and social change and is grounded within an Indigenous worldview and ideas of how to live a more purposeful and peaceful life.

Dr. Kaufman’s dissertation researched ayahuasca and social change from an Indigenous viewpoint and helped lay the groundwork for the Ayavolve Institute for Psychedelic Integration model for healing. Dr. Kaufman’s masters degree work focused on transformational learning, social justice, and healing work. Furthermore, Dr. Kaufman has completed more than 10 years of shamanic healing training and apprenticeship.

Dr. Kaufman is the author of several books about personal and social change including:

Dr. Kaufman has an eclectic background.

  • He was an aspiring musician in the 1980’s and opened for bands such as Husker Du, The Rollins Band, The Flaming Lips, and the Cowboy Junkies to name a few.
  • He has worked with hundreds of people suffering from social anxiety disorder and helped them find love.
  • He has also led men’s support groups, taught shamanic healing skills, and been featured on MTV, Men’s Health, and spoken at Yale University.
  • He is a life-long learner interested in music, nature therapy, Tibetan Buddhism and meditation, martial arts, art history, and healing the ills of our world.

Dr. Kaufman has been self-employed since the age of 25 (he’s 50 now).

“I first met Martha and Roan in December of 2016. Since then, I choose to work with them as regularly as possible which has proven to be one of the most helpful ways for me to learn about my self and open up to the call to live an embodied, honest and authentic life. Together, Martha and Roan make a terrific team. Their deep love for this path and yields meaningful work. I am deeply honored to know them and receive their gifts.”

~Nelle Rutecki

Artwork by Ash Tom Zurowski

Martha McCamy, MBA

Co-Founder of The Ayavolve Institute for Psychedelic Integration

Martha McCamy, is a change agent, mother, entrepreneur, and psychedelic integration guide.

Martha worked in the corporate environment for nearly 20 years within the technology industry as a project manager, before walking away from it all to help people find their unique path through spiritual awakening and psychedelic integration.

She is the creator of a discovery process that can be used for individual and organizational growth called The Centerline Process. The process is designed to highlight core values and authentic purpose so that an individual or organization can stay close to their unique centerline in their journey. Her work as a project manager and in taking people through the Centerline Process all influence her style of integration coaching and assistance.

Martha draws on her experience with mindfulness, shamanism, women’s empowerment within and outside of the workplace, along with her down to earth style, sense of humor, and skills in problem-solving to her work with clients.

Martha is the co-founder of the music and arts venue The Shitty Barn in Spring Green, Wisconsin.