Integration is not a destination and has no clock on it. When integrating plant medicine experiences, you never arrive at a specific destination; it is a process that unfolds over time.

Maybe you come home and it takes several weeks or months to come to state of equilibrium where things in your life feel stable, and yet the integration process is an ongoing process and it keeps unfolding over time.

When you work with psychedelic medicines such as ayahuasca, it can open up a variety of gateways to healing within, such as:

  • feeling a great expanse within
  • emotions
  • spiritual visions and questions
  • insights
  • memories
  • connections to others

However, at the same time, after the psychedelic experience is over and you return home, these gateways may lead to challenges such as:

  • feeling disconnected from others
  • changes in spirituality and spiritual connections
  • dealing with post-ceremony letdown or depression
  • doing through an existential crisis, or questioning meaning and purpose
  • dealing with traumas that surfaced during a psychedelic session
  • new visions and notions of how to live life and questions how to implement them
  • feeling raw and vulnerable after the psychedelic experience and needing help feeling grounded or in your body
  • unpleasant emotions surfacing
  • job dissatisfaction
  • physical challenges that may surface
  • looking at addictions post-ceremony and how to heal them


Integration means taking the time to digest the experience, reflect on the experience, act or think in different ways, and tie these to our mundane lives in a positive way.

<span style="color: #bbad89;">Artwork by Ash Tom Zurowski</span>

Your integration process may include:

  • Connecting to your innate feeling of love and joy
  • Connecting to your inner wisdom regarding what you need most at every step of the process
  • Harvesting your psychedelic experiences for the gold within and finding the positive healing that has happened
  • Getting support for challenges you may be facing
  • Moving towards a healthier and more holistic way of life
  • Learning tools and techniques from an Indigenous perspective that fit your belief system and learning style to best help you process the experience
  • Creating a distinct integration plan
  • Exploring your own “language” of spirituality
  • Learning how to dialogue with plant medicines
  • Finding personal meaning
  • Possibly looking at the ways you have mistreated others or not acted at our best and making amends
  • Learning to express and enhancing your authentic voice
  • Putting your insights into practical action steps post-ceremony
  • Learning to set healthy boundaries that honor your deepest self
  • Grappling with ways we may have acted in self-harming ways or mistreated ourselves
  • Finding ways to understand your psychedelic experiences and use them to fuel changes in your life
  • Learning to ask for help from others and to also offer support
  • Looking at safety issues related to continued work with psychedelics (emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.).