Integration Retreats

Work in a variety of modalities to integrate your psychedelic experiences. This includes a variety of group work, introspective practices, right-brained creative techniques, and tools from both Western counseling and Indigenous wisdom.

Shamanic Grief Rituals

We offer large-group grief rituals based on the African shamanic tradition of the Dagara people. The Grief Ritual is about expressing our grief, numbness, confusion, pain, heartaches, all forms of loss, disappointments, healing from addictive behaviors, and fully expressing grief around the pain in our world, destruction of the earth etc. When we grieve as a community, we do not only grieve for ourselves alone, but for our communities, our ancestors, and our greater world.

Couples Retreats

These retreats are all about expressing love, gratitude, and joy within a partnership. The focus is on learning new ways of communication, connection, and compassion within a relationship. These retreats balance Indigenous ritual and practices, with concrete skills and healing opportunities to foster long-lasting love and connection.

Shamanic Skills Training

These trainings are focused on teaching a large variety of Indigenous healing techniques from various traditions. Some of the work includes various shamanic journey skills, but also rituals, group work, forms of creativity and play, and also Indigenous prayer and working with the spirits of nature and the elements.

Custom Retreats

Custom retreats are available upon request and availability.

<span style="color: #bbad89;">Artwork by Ash Tom Zurowski</span>