The Ayavolve Institute for Psychedelic Integration certification program is a two-year six-module training. Next cohort group will start in early 2019.

The Ayavolve Institute has been training integration facilitators for the past seven years. The training draws from our expertise and training in:

  • group work
  • art therapy
  • trauma counseling
  • body-centered therapy
  • addiction recovery work
  • various forms of shamanic healing and journey work
  • authentic spiritual experiential work
  • transformational learning theory
  • sacred music
  • mindfulness
  • couples work
  • sexuality and sensual awareness
  • men’s work and men’s initiatory work
  • metaphor work
  • journaling
  • various forms of introspective practices
  • shadow work
  • women’s empowerment
  • integral theory

Each module and in-person gathering teaches different integration skills, and also allows each person in the training group to work on, and understand, themselves at a deep level, along with providing time in the training for personal healing.

Our work is to help steward and train integration specialists within both a Western and an Indigenous framework of understanding.

Please contact Dr. Kaufman directly with questions about this cutting-edge training program.