Ayahuasca Cards: The Integration Deck


Ayahuasca Cards: The Integration deck includes 50 cards (47 lessons and 3 blanks) and an accompanying book to help you work with the cards and apply the lessons to your integration journey.



These cards do not attempt to be like a traditional Tarot deck, but instead outline and highlight specific lessons from the path of working with ayahuasca and other plant medicines. They can be used to assist with understanding the oftentimes confusing waters of psychedelic experiences.

  • The card deck features 47 distinct lessons from ayahuasca that we feel are also applicable to working with plant medicines of all sorts.
  • Dr. Kaufman and others who are part of the Ayavolve Institute for Psychedelic Integration selected these lessons based on their work with hundreds of people over the past decade to process, and integrate plant medicine experiences and help translate those into concrete actions.
  • The visionary art created by Kori Thomas was part of her process of expressing her own experiences, dreams, and visions from working with plant medicines.

The integration lessons in the Ayahuasca Cards are about self-reflection; responsibility for walking one’s talk; having authenticity and acting with integrity in one’s actions, speech, and relationships.

This is truly a beautiful, thoughtful, heart-centered deck. A timely and much-needed gift, so very useful and practical when home alone, before and after ceremony.

Robert J. Barnhart

Board of Directors, Heffter Research Institute and The Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

Roan Kaufman's Ayahuasca Tarot Deck is an innovative and strikingly beautiful set of cards. I can see them as being useful for people attempting to integrate their ayahuasca experience into their daily lives. But they can also bring enjoyment and meaning into the lives of people who have never heard of ayahusaca. 

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Faculty, Saybrook Institute


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